"Working with Michelle has greatly improved the quality of my life. Her educated ability to identify, and treat, the problems of gluten-intolerance, and celiac disease, has been a revelation to me! Gone is the abdominal pain, which lasted for years, because of Michelle guiding me to the right foods. It has taken her expertise, mixed with a caring nature, to set me on the right road!" ~Joyful Judy

“Michelle's prestigious educational background, her profound interest and expertise in the field of human nutrition make her a valuable practitioner. My husband was a couch potato after three major surgeries in seven months. With a radical diet change and the specific nutraceuticals that he needed, he is back to living life again. I now believe that disease is due to lack of nutrition and the presence of toxins in the body. We give Michelle and her valuable knowledge credit for the impressive turn around in Jim's health.” ~Pat

"I enjoyed working the program. It was hard work but the results were fantastic. I was healthier, lost weight, had more energy, and I felt better about myself." ~Lyly

“Working with Michelle has been so beneficial to both my husband and myself. Our eyes have been opened to so many basic health facts and now it all is part of our lifestyle. We feel so much better and are eager to keep learning. We are completely free from all antacids and that is wonderful. Her program is fun and encouraging. Thanks Michelle.” ~D’Ann

"Michelle is very passionate about nutrition & holistic living, if you are serious about changing your health, Michelle will help guide you to wellness!" ~MM

A few years ago I was told I had a leaky gut and that I needed to be careful with what I ate. It was not until Michelle became my nutritionist that I discovered I had celiac disease and was also allergic to soy and dairy. No more stomach aches and the smile on my face is a permanent thing. I was considering buying stock in one of the companies that sell relief for upset stomachs. Thank you Michelle for giving me your expertise and a plan that not only tells me how, but why. I am so grateful. ~HR

I was definitely a skeptical client coming to Michelle. Although I knew good nutrition is important for overall health, I have always placed more emphasis on exercise. I thought, "I'm doing OK with my eating..." I could not believe how much better I felt following Michelle's balanced plan for me. I have dealt with migraine headaches, lack of energy and skin issues that have all improve with my balanced food and supplement plan. I can say I have felt the best in my life with her help...Thanks so much Michelle! ~BN

Thank you, Michelle, for directing me to finding solutions for a skin problem that had been with me for years. After many doctors’ visits and blood testing, finding the solution was exciting. The results are a miracle with the bonus of loosing weight, too. Thank you for making this possible and for making it fun too! Your passion and desire to help others is contagious. ~LV

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